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地点列表 编辑

地堡 The informational hub and base of operations for the androids.
City Ruins
城市废墟 A once sprawling city reduced to rubble by war and overgrown with vegation.
Resistance Camp
抵抗军营地 The base camp for a team of rebel androids, headed by resistance leader Anemone.
Commercial Building
商业设施 The remains of a popular shopping mall where humans used to purchase goods.
洞穴 A cave network revealed due to the destruction caused by a Goliath-class attack on the City Ruins.
Copied City
复制都市 Created by the machines, the city shares resemblance to human houses, though clean and more precise.
埃米尔的家 The current residence of a machine whom fought various battles between machines, aliens and humans.
Commercial Building Strange Elevator
Kaine的小屋 A garden of lunar tears grow around a solemn recreation of an old human's shack.
Abandoned Factory
废弃工厂 A giant factory, previously belonging to humans but overtaken by the machines.
沙漠地区 A giant, blistering desert, showered by sun but hiding many secrets beneath the sand.
沙漠营地 On the edges of the desert lies a small camp that shelters a few resistance members.
住宅区 An urban area consumed by sand, leaving only the tops of tall buildings.
竞技场(沙漠) A machine inhabited arena that follow sacred rules as set by the Sand King.
Forest Kingdom
森林王国 A forest with many animals and machines alike, doubling as the training grounds for the Forest King's army.
Forest Castle Bridge
森林城堡 A heavily guarded fortress designed to protect the Forest King and their descendents.
竞技场(森林) Hidden away behind a waterfall, the machines use androids to engage in battle between themselves.
帕斯卡村庄 A peaceful group of machine lifeforms reside in a tucked away village lead by Pascal.
Amusement Park
游乐园废墟 Though humans have long been extinct, and the park overrun by machines, the rides curiously are still operational.
淹没都市 As with other structures built by the humans, most of the buildings now lie submerged in the ocean.
竞技场(淹没都市) Kept secret to other factions, resistance members gamble on arena style cage matches between androids and machines.
Erected by the machines as a last line of defence, it seems peak appears to reach into the outer atmosphere.
Resource Recovery Unit
资源回收装置 Machine made structures, designed to defend the keys required to gain access to the tower.
图书馆 A one-to-one recreation of the libraries of old, containing records and data of various caliber.