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描述 编辑

卖货车 编辑

This mysterious creature emerged from inside of a machine lifeform and set up a shop after obtaining a new body. While he calls himself Emil, his true identity is a mystery.Once he discovered who had been stealing from his room, he was incited to fight. But after being defeated, he was reduce to tears by the realization that only power matters in this world.

复制体 编辑

These colossal Emils were the sad final state of Emil's copies. Attacking without warning, they possessed the ability to unleash fierce attacks using magical weapons from the old world. At the end of this pitched battle, the true Emil stopped his dopplegangers with heartfelt words before annihilating them with a final strike. He then passed away with an expression of great relief, as if he had finally met the person he'd longed to see.

备注 编辑

追忆 编辑

  • In order to defeat Emil, the player must first locate his residence and steal an item from Emil's Home.
    • The entrance is located in a secret tunnel in the City Ruins near the outside of the sewer system (the location is right next to the final race in the Speed Star sidequest).
    • In the tunnel is an elevator which takes the player to an underground cave system, eventually leading to a door to Emil's home.
  • There, the player can steal an item, which is noted by the Pod that theft may upset Emil.
    • After that, the player must speak to Emil again in the world map, where he will mention that there was a break in, and he has upped the security in his home.
      • The player must return to the house as 9S to steal another item (as it is locked in a chest that can only be opened through hacking), and upon exiting his home the encounter will begin, with Emil being surprised that 9S and 2B where the thieves.
  • Defeating Emil will reward the Emil Heads combat bracers.

决心 编辑

  • The final hidden boss of the game is encountered through the Emil's Determination sidequest.
    • Upon upgrading every weapon to level 4, a new quest marker will appear at the Commercial Building. Once there, talk to your Pod and it will say that Emil is heading to the Desert.
      • It is essential to first defeat Emil in his house, in order to acquire the Emil Heads weapon.
    • Head to the far reaches of the desert and initiate the encounter by speaking to Emil.
    • When nearing the final blow a self-destruct sequence will initiate leaving the player with two choices:
      • 1) Allow Emil to blow up, achieving the Head[Y] Battle ending.
      • 2) Stop the countdown by destroying the Emil Clone, completing the quest. Afterwards, the player will receive a save prompt and then be returned to the title screen.
    • There is no way to replay this quest once it has been saved as completed, which means that Ending Y is the only permanently missable content in Nier: Automata.